Hein Studio is an interior and design studio situated in Copenhagen area. The company is founded and led by Creative Director Rebecca Hein Hoffmann.

Hein Studio creates nordic design with high quality, good craftsmanship, aesthetic sustainability, made to last and beautify everyday living.

Hein Studio designs are inspired by diversity, contemporary art and architecture that have its roots in aesthetic beauty. Rebecca works with finding the contrast in different materials and colors, the diversity of organic and minimalistic shapes, making every design unique and yet timeless.



The Design Studio specialize in interior consultation giving advise on how to create a holistic atmosphere for your home or location. We can help you integrate our unique style into your private home, company or boutique.

If you are interested in Hein Studio designs, whether you are a small or large-scale company, a private person, a retailer or a gallery in or outside of Europe, Hein Studio is glad to hear from you and are open for your inquiries.