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Meconopsis collection is the first series of lamps by Hein Studio

A timeless collection with two lampshades combined to reflect the

light softly, created to light up the corners of your home.

Aesthetic minimalism combined with brass, steel and onyx.

Heavy layered lampshades hanging on a brass string,

inspired by the delicate flower meconopsis.

Hein Studio Meconopsis Floor lamp and Ocean Print.jpg
Hein Studio Meconopsis Onyx Wall Lamp.jpg
Hein Studio Meconopsis Table Lamp.jpg

PRINT Collection

Every piece is made in the studio in Copenhagen. Inspired by diversity,

minimalism and architecture that have its roots in aesthetic beauty.

Created to stand alone or combine with others pieces. A variation of

lino cuts, papercuts carefully selected and painted by hand, hand

drawn lines and minimalistic photographs.

Hein Studio - MOVE no. 06 .jpg
Hein Studio - SHADOW no. 13 .jpg
Hein Studio - IKIGAI no. 02 .jpg
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Hein Studio Ostrea Rock Glas Vase  .gif
Hein Studio Ostrea Rock Glass Vase Clear.gif

OSTREA Collection

Infinite treasures of the sea - light reflections of rock and

oyster formations - transformed to a organic collection of

small objects - created to beautify, ease and calm everyday

living. Drawn at the westcoast in 2015, every item is polished

by hand giving every object its own unique surface.

Hein Studio Ostrea Rock Glass Vase.jpg
Hein Studio - Ostrea Rock Glass Vase - clear.jpeg
Hein Studio - EDGE no. 06 .jpg
Hein Studio - EDGE no. 04 .jpg
Hein Studio - MOVE no. 03 .jpg
Hein Studio Ostrea Rock Stainless steel vase.jpg
Hein Studio Ostrea Rock Steel Vase.jpg
ostrea rock glass vase - amber.gif
Hein Studio Ikigai Teapot.jpg
Hein Studio Ikigai Teapot.jpg

IKIGAI Collection

A small collection of objects that gives time and value to our everyday

living. To gather your loved ones, slow time and ease everyday living.

Inspired by japanese traditions and mid century ceramics.

The japanese believe that by finding your ikigai, you can achieve

a happier, more balanced life.

Hein Studio 9029 cabinet.jpg
Hein Studio 9029 Cabinet


A small functional cabinet for everyday use, created to fit all spaces. Combined

woven rattan, wood and stainless steel giving a timeless piece, created to last

and create room for your everyday objects. A curved shelf giving space to both

small and high objects. Available in solid oak in two colors, with black oiled oak

and mappa burl veneer.

Hein Studio - 9029 Cabinet Black                     .jpg